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Welcome to my World of Words, Tatva Musings!

"Stories are everywhere, some are told by many, some are just untold!"
- Pooja R.

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Letter To Women
Dear Women, I hope you are doing fine in whatever role...
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कभी वो मेरे इर्दगिर्द चलीकभी में उसके इर्दगिर्द चला...
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An Old Diary
An old diary  which was cornered since long after...
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Grow Old Gracefully
Grow old gracefully. Give up on the idea of being perfect...
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कौन केहता है मोह गलत हैमोह किस बात का है उसपे निर्भर...
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प्रिय कृष्ण
प्रिय कृष्ण, आप ही साधन आप ही साधना आप ही साध्य है...
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Raasto ko kabhi kisi raste ka intezar hota hoga kya?!...
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Agar Kuchh Kahu
Agar kuchh kahu yaa khamoshi sunau… Bematlab si duniya...
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बेवजह बेहिसाब से हिसाब सब कितने खाते कितने नाते ताउम्र...
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I am the author of one poetry book. Currently, working on my upcoming novel.

About Me

Hi! I am Pooja R. aka Dr Pooja, the founder of Tatva Within. I am a certified Life Coach, NLP-CBT-Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Yogic Nutrition Consultant, Traveller, Author and Writer.

For me, stories are everywhere. Some are told by many and some are just untold. I am here to tell stories of different emotions and life learnings. Come and sit with your favourite drink, maybe a tea or coffee while I tell you stories.