A Letter To Spectacles

Dear Spectacles,

I know this will shock you seeing me penning this postcard to you for the first time.

My dear, I have seen the world through you.

I have read words through you.

You were eyes of my eyes.

Do you remember, when my sentiments would melt and run down my cheeks, I used to dismiss you first, because previously you’ve mentioned that you don’t appreciate tears in my eyes. It causes your vision to obscure and I know that clarity is your obsession.

Hey! Do you remember that day; when it was raining heavily, and I was sitting under the dark hovering cumulonimbus clouds with a mug of tea in my hand and tears in my eyes with a couple of words on my lips, “I have no clarity in my life, It’s murky”.

Afterwards, it was a lengthy pause.

Then, you broke the silence by gripping my right palm in your palms; You glanced at my eyes and pronounced those immortal words that are reverberating in my living in every moment.

” Make clarity your best comrade, nurture it with affection, and never let it run away from your way of life. Clarity is simple; You learn how to have it in your living, just get that art. Remember, if it’ll go away; your life will be a muddle, make it your eternal companion.”

I look back to when we met for the first time. Oh! My dear how can I overlook those times when my vision was a blur; it hamstrung me, my eyes retreated from the aid. My own eyes forsook me, they had assured me, we’ll encounter the world jointly.

Well, Outspoken promises can be crushed, not the unspoken. You never promised me to stay together. In fact, you promised nothing even though you never stranded me.

Only one part I hated about you, Precisely not hate but it was annoying for me carrying you with traditional outfits.

And one fine day, I went for a LASIK. I was super excited to get away from you, but in no time, I found missing everything about you and our sojourn together.

I didn’t start my life journey with you but intend to end with you.


Someone who loves wearing you

P.S. Everything around us has something to teach us, something to inspire us. If we can focus on the good aspect of anything, life becomes more beautiful.

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