About Me

Exploring Different Dimensions of Life!

Hi! I am Dr Pooja Patel. 

Combination that describes me well is:

Wellness Coach & Founder of Tatva Within (Holistic Health & Wellness and Personal Development Brand) | Writer | Author | Reader | Traveller | Seeker

Welcome to my world of Words Tatva Musings.

For me, stories are everywhere. Some are told by many and some are just untold. I am here to tell stories of different emotions and life learnings.

Come and sit with your favourite drink, maybe a tea or coffee while I tell you stories.

Email: author@tatvawithin.com

My Books

Poetry Book
We all are made up of stories and we all have different shades. Each shade can possibly open infinite possibilities to transform our lives. Sometimes we are able to find it, sometimes we are lost pearls in the desert. Our soul is a torch, a guide to enlighten our life journey from time to time in the form of inner voice. “Sayings of Inner Voice” is the collection of poems of soul’s guide. If you are an explorer, you will discover yourself in each voice. What if you aren’t? You will end up becoming the one!