Letter To Women

Dear Women, I hope you are doing fine in whatever role you are performing in your life. Lately, I was considering drafting a letter to you, but as you know life is pretty engaging, with too many things and too little time! Finally, I’m writing now. 🙂 I am observing many celebrations going around on …

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प्रिय कृष्ण

प्रिय कृष्ण, आप ही साधन आप ही साधना आप ही साध्य है आप ही भक्ति आप ही प्रेम आप ही प्राण आप ही योग है आप ही श्रृंगार आप ही हर रंग आप ही हर राग है आप ही वैराग्य आप ही मोक्षदाता आप ही मोक्ष है – Pooja R. | © 2022 Tatva Musings