In Search of You

One day I left everything behind

In search of you

With a garland in my hands

I voyaged corners of the universe

I couldn’t find you

For a while, I thought

You don’t exist

For a while, I felt

You are the biggest liar

For a while, I realised

I am being fooled

I cried

I screamed

I felt helpless

I felt left stranded

I broke myself into pieces

Little did I know

You are not one to be searched outside

You are the realisation within

You exist

You exist everywhere

In everything

In everyone

In me

In this world

In the other worlds

I see you everywhere in everything

Now I am confused

What do I do with a garland

Whom should I offer

Should I offer it to everyone around


Garland an idol in front of me


Should I wear it…

– Pooja R. | © Tatva Musings

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