Letter To Women

Dear Women,

I hope you are doing fine in whatever role you are performing in your life.

Lately, I was considering drafting a letter to you, but as you know life is pretty engaging, with too many things and too little time!

Finally, I’m writing now. 🙂

I am observing many celebrations going around on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

But there is something inside my heart, constantly knocking my conscious.

Have you ever celebrated yourself? Your existence? Your role? Your contribution?

I’m sure you’d answer negatively.

My dear, I know you have been through a lot in fulfilling the expectations of society and family; somewhere you have lost your true essence.

I know how many times you have shed tears quietly.

I know you had big dreams, and you have tried genuinely to make them true. But sometimes destiny wanted you to take a U-turn and sometimes people manoeuvred you.

Sometimes, some people supported you unconditionally, and some cheated badly.

But nothing to repent as long as you are honouring yourself, as long as you are contributing something significant, no matter how big or small it is.

Sometimes you have been portrayed as weak. Hundreds of times you have been summoned that you can’t do this and every time you showed them, you can do it.

But they didn’t stop there and one after another they continued to throw challenges at you.

My dear, someday you require taking a halt and determine that, Is it imperative to engage in every battle? Is it indispensable to prove yourself every time?


Not all battles are necessary to fight. Why waste strength on worthless things? Better to invest time and energy in something productive.

I know you have plans and you wish to accomplish them as soon as possible. I admire your enthusiasm, but my dear, some tasks take time. Have patience and keep putting in your sincere endeavors.

I know there were times when you felt helpless and weak to survive and protect yourself.

But my dear, there were times, you chose silence over standing firm on your choices and requirements.

When they had put you in dance class, you could have urged them to put in self-defence training first.

Well, it’s not late either.

You can achieve anything you want. The only thing needed is your decision and conviction that what type of life you want to live.

My beloved, adore who respects you, and don’t forget to become Durga when they try to demean you. All powers are within you.

Remember, you are a vital and inevitable part of the creation. It’s your choice of what type of generation you want to gift to the world.

Here I prefer to cite two lines:

“Shivaji will also be born. You just be like mother Jijabai.”

Needless to mention how courageous woman was Jijabai.

My dear, now I want you to knock your inner self.

Today, I wish you to ignite your true spirit, which is divine, and let the world be illuminated by it!


Pooja R.

– Pooja R. | © Tatva Musings

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