Na Jaane

Na jaane kya talashne nikle the, Ab toh itne dur aa gaye ki ghar ka koi pata nahi… Sab dekha, khub seekha, Jaan liye sab tor tarike Bekhabar khud ko kitna jaana pata nahi… Dhokhe mile toh sahaare bhi mile, kuchh nigaho ke ishare bhi mile Lekin kya paya kya khoya pata nahi… Sunsaan raaste …

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Riding Beyond Roads

With every spin forward I am leaving difficulties backwards  Travelling milage on full rhythm  I wish to travel slow, too slow  To dance in the still waves of the air  Riding on life beyond roads  I want to enter into your world  To soak my soul between the layers of your heart  Settling on the rocks of the Himalayas  …

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Be My Moonshine

In the shadow of my pain;When the castle would surround me with a misty woe, Be my moonshine In the gloomy desolate night;When no one would adjoin me, Be my moonshine In the deafening conflict within me;When scars would provoke, Be my moonshine In the durable solitude;When my expression would suffocate, Be my moonshine In the bright glossy …

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